Why Property Refurbishment?

Concept illustration of a refurbished house

Starting a refurbishment project for your home can be extremely rewarding but may be an overwhelming concept to begin with. Whether you want to concentrate on a single room or plan a full large-scale refurbishment, it will be our job to take away your stress so that you can relax and enjoy the improvements.

We will advise you on how best to add value to your home and how to make the most efficient use of space. We genuinely take pride in our work so we will not consider that our job is complete unless you are totally satisfied with the results.

We are happy to perform small 'handyman' tasks, redecorate single rooms through a general builder or perform more specialist functions through experts in each trade. We also have the expertise to provide bespoke services of a more specialist nature and we can help you to reconfigure space by changing the layout of your property. 

We have installed many kitchens and bathrooms so you can rely on us to source the best materials for you. We are in touch with the market so we can help you choose from a whole range of suppliers to get what is right for you. In our experience, kitchens and bathrooms add a lot of value to homes and we have helped create new bathrooms by reconfiguring the use of space.

We have found that some clients are more “hands-on” throughout the project while others are happy to give their preferences and leave the final judgement to us. Our approach remains flexible so that we can change plans and details of works to be performed even if you change your mind after a project has been started. Whatever your approach, you can be sure that you will get out expert advice and opinion to fulfil your preferences.

We understand that it is challenging to live in a home that is a building site so we will keep your house as neat and tidy as possible and we will respect our timelines. We have in the past worked in homes where families with young children have been living and we understand that we have to respect your home and follow stringent safety precautions. Our aim is to make the transition to your dream home as painless as possible so we can enjoy the experience of improving your home together.

By concentrating our energy and our knowledge on building pure value for residential homes, we have built up a lot of expertise and contacts within this industry. Our aim is to bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to you through London Refurbs.